Fall Weddings

This may come as a surprise... but Fall is actually the most popular time of the year for weddings in Canada! September and October take the cake, followed of course by the warm summer months. This is likely because of the less-humid, more predictable and often cozy weather that comes with fall. We wanted to take a look at some beautiful fall wedding ideas that perfectly embrace the beauty of the season. Whether you're looking to go all-out-Autumn or just hoping to give a little nod to the season, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate fall into your wedding. The number one thing to remember in order to get the most out of your decor, is to play off of your venue and surroundings. This will make your life SO much easier by allowing your decor to seamlessly flow into the setting. Anyway, let's have some fun and look at some beautiful fall decor!

Warm Wood Tones

Incorporating warm wood tones into your decor is a great way to add a fall feel to your decor. There are so many ways to incorporate wood, both subtly and boldly, no matter your style. Some of our favourites are wood chargers, wood pile photo backdrops, harvest tables, vineyard chairs and using wood blocks to create height for candles, flowers and decor!


In recent years, the colour Terracotta has made its way into both fall and summer weddings. It is such a beautiful, warm colour that pairs so nicely with other warm toned elements. Wanna know a secret? You might see a lot more of this colour in our collection next season 😏

Moss Green

Moss Green is a fairly new one for us. Not to be confused with other cooler-toned greens such as Eucalyptus, Agave and Sage, Moss Green has a more vibrant, deeper, warmer undertone that is so rich and interesting. We haven't seen it used a whole lot yet, but it seems to be gaining some momentum in the wedding world. We have a feeling this colour is going to make its way into our collection very soon as well! Pair with our Ava Matte Gold Flatware and some wood accents to get those perfect fall vibes 😍

Dried Grasses

As you may have already noticed, dried grasses (and flowers) have been SUPER popular in recent years. Not only are they very trendy, but they are also usually easier to work with than real flowers as they don't require water and are fine when left out in the heat. Pampas has been a crowd fav, but in fall, there are more options to consider like wheat and straw. Our Bud Vases are the perfect vessel for dried grasses. Pop in a few Bunny Tails and some Pampas to each one and you're ready to go! Plus, if you're DIY'ing, you can get these ready as soon as you get your rentals and not have to worry about them dying before the wedding!

Food & Bev

One of our favourite topics! 😉 There are so many fun food and beverage ideas that can bring in some fall vibes. A few that we have seen are apple cider served in copper cups, popcorn buffets, s'mores stations and mini pies for dessert, to name a few. Think warm and cozy with a hint of cinnamon! Our Tiered Dessert Stands are just begging for some cinnamon sugared donuts.... yum!


Another great way to embrace the season is through your favours (if you choose to do them). If you're not putting the favours at the guests' place settings, you have a great opportunity to set up an impactful decor display! Use our Vintage Wood & Rattan Accent Table, our Gold Platter Set and a cute Custom Sign!


Another quintessential fall decor item.... Mums! Some of the great things about Mums are that they are readily available in the fall, inexpensive and come in a range of complimentary colours. Another great thing about them is that since they are so large, they can easily take the place of an arrangement. Pop them in a beautiful basket or planter to hide the not-so-pretty plastic pot and just like that, you've got yourself an easy, impactful decor element! Our new Large Hyacinth Baskets (coming soon) would be perfect


Last but not least.... Pumpkins! We'll just start off by saying that just because pumpkins are a top of mind decor item for fall, you do not NEED to have pumpkins at your wedding. If you are planning a fall wedding, you have probably had friends and family members say "OOOH it'll be so pretty with all the pumpkins!" upon hearing you've chosen a fall date. We're here to confirm that fall weddings do not automatically = pumpkins. We get it.... they're not for everyone. BUT....if you're open to it, pumpkins can be beautifully incorporated into your wedding decor scheme. Here are a few examples:

Well... have we convinced you to have a fall wedding?! No matter what time of year you choose, we hope our rentals and decor can help you perfectly achieve the wedding of your dreams 🤗

For more Fall Wedding inspiration, check out our Fall Weddings board on Pinterest. The images above are minimal compared to the inspo we've gathered for you there!

We're curious.... how would you embrace the season in your fall wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

- Nicole